May 2024.

On Friday, 26 April, the community of Greyton celebrated the completion of an essential refurbishment at the Vrolike Vinkies Daycare Centre. This upgrade has significantly improved the learning environment for 32 children, ensuring both fun and safety, and has brought the facility into compliance with the Department of Basic Education’s standards. This achievement allows the centre to qualify for government financial support, enhancing its operational sustainability and securing employment for its staff.

The event was attended by the children, their parents, the centre’s staff, representatives from the Department, and other key stakeholders, along with the project’s funders, Klipheuwel Wind Farm.

Mrs Rheina Arnolds, the Principal of Vrolike Vinkies Daycare Centre, expressed her gratitude, noting, “This enhancement has significantly supported our mission to educate the community’s children. With a safer environment and financial assistance from the Department of Basic Education, we can maintain our staffing levels.”

This project marks the first of three upgrades planned for this year under the Klipheuwel Wind Farm’s Early Childhood Development programme. Initiated in June 2022, the programme aims to improve and support facilities within its beneficiary communities, in addition to offering accredited training for ECD professionals. This initiative recognises the critical role that centres play in safeguarding and educating children, particularly within local communities.

“ECD centres are pivotal in creating a secure and nurturing setting for children, laying the groundwork for their future achievements and overall success. Through our investments in these institutions, we are investing in the future welfare and prosperity of our communities,” stated Nonini Makhothe, Economic Development Specialist at Klipheuwel Wind Farm.

The renovation tackled several infrastructure issues, including the maintenance of outdoor play equipment, rectification of hazardous flooring, and the provision of educational materials suitable for different age groups, alongside essential kitchenware. The project also benefited the Greyton community by employing local builders and subcontractors, creating five additional jobs in the process.